The Situation
A major commodity company recognized a significant employee retention opportunity within many of its satellite locations. While it was very successful in its retention efforts at the corporate office, they recognized a number of gaping discrepancies between the satellite offices.

The Intervention
Steve worked with the company’s executive leadership team to create a multifaceted approach to decreasing employee retention and building employee morale. Steve first helped them recognize why they were losing employee’s and top talent. Steve implemented several key assessments which measures an individual’s fit within specific sales jobs and managerial fit which shows the compatibility between manager and their employees. Next, Steve developed a plan to quickly improve employee morale while the rest of the plan was being implemented. Steve also helped the company develop and implement an onboarding process which dramatically increased employee retention within the first eight weeks.

The Resolution
Through the implementation of Steve’s plan, the client has experienced an incredible 203% increase in retention. More importantly, the company has thrived as the core employees have become advocates for the satellite offices. Due to
these added benefits, the employee retention is thriving as core employees provide referrals for 40% of all applicants.

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