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The Situation
A successful company in the retail industry found its annual sales growth down 23% after decades of positive growth. The company searched vigorously to figure out why sales had decreased and what solutions could be found to regain its
strong position in the marketplace. Based on a referral from a similar company, Steve was hired to help achieve the objectives.

The Intervention
Working closely with the executive leadership team, Steve conducted several sales audits which clearly showed a number of areas where key opportunities existed and improvements could be delivered. Steve developed a long-term sales and marketing strategy as well as a plan that layered the implementation to ensure execution. Education and training programs were developed for both leadership and sales teams. Six months of one-on-one coaching for key members of leadership was provided to reinforce the strategy. Three additional months of retainer work was provided for several executive members for unforeseen questions.

The Resolution
Within three months sales had stabilized. Twelve months after the original project began, the company saw increases in excess of 25%, which was their highest achieved. 24 months later, and following the initial plan Steve created, they
surpassed sales again by 25%. The company engaged Steve in an ongoing retainer where he’s been for the past year.

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