Stephen Hensley is a rare individual that can make positive impacts rapidly.

Stephen works with senior executives and teams within many industries and an array of environments. These clients sought Stephen to find the best processes and strategies for sales, marketing, operations to maximize revenues, profits, and reduce costs.

He has tremendously increased revenues for a vast number of clients within many industries and markets, and it’s common for his clients to see a 200% return on investment.

Stephen knows how to leverage relevant focal points within a business to deliver this change. In every engagement, clients have felt his impact far after the completion of the project or initiative.

Stephen has been a part of downsizing, upsizing, and turnarounds by helping companies identify the critical areas that are hurting their business and customers. He believes in the notion, “Slow Down, Change Quicker” to achieve lasting results.

Bottom line… Stephen is the trusted partner for consulting and coaching to executives, business owners, and leaders who want to have dramatic improvement personally and to grow their businesses.

Stephen has helped others deliver strong results and create success stories for over 20 years. He accomplishes these types of results by leveraging key points within a client’s business by finding concealed inefficiencies. Next, Stephen will create a comprehensive business strategy with key executives and business partners that he will execute with you.

Stephen has a tailored approach that excels his clients and ensures it removes codependency.

When Stephen is not working with clients to increase revenues, profits, and reducing costs, he likes to spend time with his wife, Ginny, and his two sons, Logan and Noah.

So, if you’re ready to unleash your potential and THRIVE, please contact Stephen directly HERE or call 614.557.6768 to schedule your initial consultation today!

Typical Results….

  • More rapid time-to-readiness for onboarding and more sales made sooner
  • Identify and create best practices so that everyone goes up to a common level of productivity
  • Closing time and cost minimized through process improvement
  • Removing silos while building cross-functional teamwork
  • Better performance through collaboration and camaraderie rather than competition
  • Reduced involuntary attrition through job match and managerial fit
  • Customer loyalty and retention is intertwined and not a singular event and produces more referral business
  • Improved sales culture delivering engagement and consistency
  • Costs reduced through process improvement and not less spending
  • And much more……

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